Developer: Brent Arnold

Release Date: March 7th 2023 AEST


Regular Price: $15 USD


Inquiries: contact.final.profit@gmail.com

Twitter: @FinalProfitRPG

Website: www.finalprofit.com.au


IGF 2024 Finalist for Excellent in Design

IGF 2024 Honorable Mention for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize

Freeplay 2024 Winner of the Wildcard Award

Freeplay 2024 Nominee for the Narrative Award

Freeplay 2024 Nominee for the Emerging Developers Award

AGDAs 2023 Finalist for Excellent in Emerging Games

Developer Info

Previously the Cinematographer on Necrobarista.

Studied animation before getting into game development.

From Melbourne, Australia.

Made 3 prototype shop games to develop the mechanics used in Final Profit.

Created most of the music in Final Profit.

Really likes coffee.




Final Profit is a story driven management shop-sim RPG with no combat, growth and progress are tied to income and economic systems. With over 35 hours of lovingly crafted content.

The gameplay starts out simply in a small town with a little shop. The player is introduced to the mechanics of finding customers and products, then actively running a shop. This intro is a simplified slice that lets the player learn the unique gameplay loop before moving on to a bigger city with a more complex shop.

Gradually many new systems are introduced as the player progresses, a big part of this is automation. Allowing the player to develop mastery over old systems as they pursue new ones.

Exploration is also heavily featured, with a dense world full of quests and secrets that rewards the player with new features, story, upgrades, and collectables that build on each other to increase earning potential.

Eventually other ways to make income open up outside the shop such as buying stocks, real estate, trading commodities, and many more.

Alongside all of this is a rich narrative with plenty of humour. And many choices along the way that change how the shop develops in significant ways.

Play as Biz, former Queen of the Fae. Exiled by your own daughter because of your plan to defeat the encroaching Bureau of Business by becoming better a capitalist than they are. But even starting with nothing, you'll give it your best shot.

It was my intention for the game to present capitalism as it is, and shine a spotlight on some of the social, economic, and environmental problems it causes.

You may recognise that the game is built in RPG Maker, but please don't dismiss it because of that. It is an innovative experience crafted with passion and you won't regret giving it a chance.

Final Profit is available now on Steam and Itch for $15USD. The original soundtrack is also available on Steam and can be purchased together in a 20% off bundle.


You are Queen Mab, exiled from the lands of the Fae because of your radical plan to save the realm from financial predators. The Fae Council thinks attempting to defeat the Bureau of Business at their own game is an insane ploy with no hope of success.

Prove them wrong.

Starting with nothing, you assume the alias of Madama Biz. Accumulate wealth and influence to climb the ranks until you become a Lord of Business!

But you'll need more than just money. Seek out allies to help overcome the danger, traps, and colossal debt the Bureau has in store for you.

Key Features:

About the developer:

Final Profit was developed by one person from Melbourne, Australia. Previously they worked as the cinematographer on the game Necrobarista. It took 3 years to make Final Profit, and a lot of coffee. Most of the music in the game was also created by the developer.

Review copies are available upon request, please contact the developer.

Media Contact:

Brent Arnold



Developed by: Brent Arnold

Steam capsule artist: Cleiton Venâncio

Key Art (Biz Bust) by: kiolite_

Art (Elora bust) by:  WispyVee

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