Queen Mab / Madama Biz

You play this Queen in Exile under the alias of Biz.

She wants to beat the Bureau at their own game by exploring the way of business, but her plan is shot down by the Fae Council. 

Biz won't back down, knowing it's their best chance to defeat them. For this her own daughter casts her out.

Starting from scratch Biz will try to make her plan work anyway, she has to.


A loyalist from Faeona. Elora finds Biz in Tutetown and becomes an ally. 

A skilled scout, she'll usually have helpful hints for finding new things to sell!

There may be more to her than meets the eye...


This ex-villain was put out of work by the Bureau. She just couldn't compete with their level of ruthlessness. 

Depressed about what she's become, Odina wallows away in a backwater town, perhaps your goals will align...

Battalia Fa Nikkolith / Batnik

A noble from Faeona with a shrewd eye for politics. She sees that Biz' plan is the best move for their realm, and for herself.

She's sure to prove useful to your cause.


The ghost of a bird. Charges you tax to use it's table in your first shop.

You may have to make some tough choices about your business relationship...

King Bean / The Coffee King

A fellow royal, the Bureau has already subjugated his kingdom.

Forced to grow only coffee beans to supply The Capital, his people starve. In hopes of finding a way to feed them he agrees to become your ally.

The Representative

The Bureau employs many Representative. This one has been assigned to you.

He collects your tax in Enterpriston and can act as an in between should the need arise.

Cora The Blaze

A fearsome G-knight from Illuvia, a kingdom from across the ocean that rivals the Bureau.

Her Queen has sent her here on a mission to capture a Lord of Business. She hates capitalists, but there may be common ground between you...

Lady Plenty

A brilliant engineer from The Capital.

Something Biz does inadvertently helps her a great deal, though you won't meet for quite some time.

The Fae Council

The rulers of Faeona, including Biz' daughter Meghera.

They sent you into exile, though not all are set against your plan. You may find allies among them yet...

The Lords of Business

These five economic powerhouses keep the Bureau running.

Biz' goal is to join their ranks, and dismantle the organisation from the inside. But she better not underestimate how dangerous it is to meddle in their affairs.