Final Profit is a story driven management shop-sim RPG.

Make investments and harsh choices as you explore a world full of secrets, and try to take down the corrupt Bureau of Business!

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Final Profit is a story driven management shop-sim RPG with no combat, instead growth and progress are tied to running your shop. Outside there’s much more to uncover with over 35 hours of lovingly crafted content.

From simple beginnings in a small town with a little shop. You'll be introduced to the mechanics of finding customers and products while you learn about the world and characters. Once you get on top of things you’ll move on to a bigger town with a more complex shop as you look for ways to make your fortune. Build your own playstyle and find which methods work for you.

Exploration is a big part of the game, with a dense world full of quests and secrets that rewards the player with new features, story, upgrades, and collectables that open up new paths to wealth.

The gameplay will continually evolve as you find new methods to exploit the economy, such as manipulating stock prices, snatching up real estate, trading commodities, and more.

Alongside all of this is a rich narrative you’ll want to see to the end. With plenty of humour and far-reaching choices that change how your shop and the story develops. 

But you're doing all this for a reason. 

The Bureau of Business will regret the day they crossed you. 

You play as the fierce former Queen of the Fae, exiled by your own daughter because of your radical plan to save the realm from financial predators by beating them at their own game.

The Fae Council thinks you have no chance of taking down the Bureau of Business.

Prove them wrong.

Starting with nothing, and without the support of your kingdom you’ll enter the world of business and try to carry out your plan. Build your fortune until you become a Lord of Business!

But you'll need more than just money. Seek out allies to help overcome the danger, traps, and colossal debt the Bureau has in store for you. There’s bound to be others who wish to change the status quo.

Will you emerge with your morals intact and save your people?

Or will you compromise and become a ruthless agent of capitalism?